Whimsical Easter Cookies

Whimsical Easter Cookies

Here in Texas the signs of Spring are starting to pop up everywhere, the Texas flowers (Bluebonnets) are starting to bloom and so many other wildflowers are decorating the roads, I wish I can stop in every corner and take pictures of all the flowers, but we have come to the conclusion that their beauty is just for the human eye. I think the camera lenses cannot show the beauty of their own nature. 

We are so blessed to live in this part of Texas where you can enjoy so many natural beauties that indeed provide me with lots of inspiration for my cookies. 

Maybe you have seen on Pinterest, Instagram, etc, how popular the whimsical hipster unicorn cakes

are, so with the Spring in bloom and the unicorn
mania inspiration I made this LOVELY EASTER COOKIE set for you to enjoy. 

These cookies are very simple, but you may need to plan extra time to prepare your firm consistency icing in an arrangement of colors, because the more colors  you use  the prettier your cookies will be. 

A  long time ago I purchased a double seam pastry bag, that until now I used to put 4 colors of icing in the same pastry bag to create multicolor icing flowers

The decorating tips to make the little flowers, such as Wilton #15, #16, #28, #224, and Ateco # 225.

You can make the flowers and let them dry and then add them to your cookies or pipe them directly onto your flooding cookie. 

One very important part of these cookies are the EYES! I love to make these kind of eyes, they are so easy and the cookies look very cute. I used edible markers to draw them. 

Sparkles and gold details are a MUST on these cookies as well, I just add them randomly wherever I felt it needed a magical touch. 

I wish this lent season gives you the chance to grow in your faith and prepare your hearts to celebrate a LOVELY EASTER with your family and friends. 

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