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Advent wreath Cookie

A few days ago an idea for this particular decorated cookie
came into my mind and I couldn't wait to put myself into action and start working on it. So many times I have thought about a cookie design and I wait too long to make it, and by then someone else makes something similar. I like to be innovative in my cookie designs, but it is really hard because cookie decorators think alike, and it is incredible that I often am making a design and another cookie decorator is doing the same thing without knowing. I guess there is some supernatural connection between all of us cookie decorators.

This Advent wreath cookie idea is really simple, you will need the following cookie cutters:

* 5-6 in circle
*  4-3 circle
* 1/2 in circle
*  Holly leave
*  Candle


*  Favorite cookie dough, click HERE (If you prefer  you can make it with store bought  cookie dough)

*  Royal icing click HERE for recipe, use google translate please!
*  Green leaf, tulip red, regal purple,  electric green deep pink and gold  gel color
* Gold sprinkles
* Light pink  and red sanding sugar
*  Gold luster
*  Small brush
*  Decorating tip #1.5
*  Toothpick
*  Pastry bags, ring  and couplers
*  Outline and flooding consistency royal icing


1.-  Roll out your cookie dough and cut the big circle cookie and put it over your baking sheet.  (It is a very good idea to line your baking sheet with some parchment paper)

2.-  Cut another circle in the cookie that you previously cut as it shown in the picture. 

3.-  Using your candle cookie cutter make some cut outs where you can insert the candles later on. 

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4.-  Tint some cookie dough with green and red gel color.  With the green dough cut some leaves and with the red dough cut out the  small circles. (Berries)  

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5.-  Cut out 5 candles and bake all your cookies at 350ºF for 10 min. 

6.-  This is my favorite picture!! It is so Christmasy !!!
Let your cookies cool down, meanwhile you can prepared a pastry bag with some electric green  and natural color icing to outline the leaves, circle and candles accordingly. 

Tint some flooding icing in light purple, pink, light green, gold and orange.  Set aside in an airtight container. 

Outline the leaves as it shown in the pictures and let them dry. 

Flood the candles  with pink and purple and for the flame use some gold and orange.  Use a toothpick the drag the colors and let dry the cookies completely. 

7.-  When your candles are completely dry, using your white icing write the words hope, joy, peace, love and Jesus and add some of the gold sprinkles. Let the dry too. 

8.-  Mix equal parts of water and meringue powder and brush some of the mix over the red dots and sprinkle red sanding sugar and let them dry. 

Using a light green flood the big circle and let it dry. 

Use outline consistency icing to glue the leaves and berries to the circle cookie and let it dry. You can add some gold luster to the leaves for some glam.  

I am so glad that finally I had the time to make a post for my blog. 

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  1. Haha, I know what you mean about trying to get a jump on a creative idea! :) Your 3D cookie wreath is fantastic! It's an awesome idea and turned out BEAUTIFULLY! I love it!

    1. Thank you very much Sue!!! You may know the rush you feel when a cookie idea come to your mind, so glad to have my cookie friends!!


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