Tiny halloween candies, better said...Tiny halloween cookies

I think that the cookie baking season starts on October 1st...although the temperature and humidity are still pretty high where I live.  I can sense that fall is about to come when I feel the cooler breeze, sooner than later pumpkins will appear everywhere ... well at least in my house and in my oven.

Here is a video where I show how I did some of these cookies. 

I will show you how I made some bite sized candy cookies to decorate a big Jack o' lantern cookie.

For this you will need:

Foolproof cookie recipe, click here 

Royal Icing, click here

Cookie cutters:
5 -6 in pumpkin 
1.5 in circle 
1 in triangle 
2 in candy cane 
3x1 in rectangle

* Orange, deep pink, electric yellow and black americolor gel color
* Edible markers
* Assorted sprinkles
* Toothpicks
* Beaten egg (egg wash)


1) Cut out several triangles, rectangles, circles and some candy canes. For the wrap candies join two triangles with one circle using some beaten eggs as glue and bake them as the other cookies and let them cool.
For the tiny lollipops dip a toothpick in the egg mixture and insert it in a circle cookie before baking. 

 Then bake them at 350ºF, for 10 minutes, like these cookies are very small the baking time is less than the larger ones, and they can burn very easily.

2)  Prepare flooding royal icing and tint the icing in orange, black, pink, yellow and orange. 

3)  For these cookies, since they are very little I would not outline the cookies, I used the flooding icing directly to decorate the cookie. 

4)  Using a wet on wet technique, make some swirls using one of the bright colors, as it is shown in the pictures, and using a toothpick drag the icing to make more swirls. Let them dry. 

5)  For the lollipops and some of the candy canes I used the same technique as in the candies, and also used some sprinkles, they look so cute.  

6)  The triangles are perfect for making tiny candy corns, first use the orange icing and make a line in the center of the triangle, let it dry for some minutes and then put white and yellow icing as it shown in the picture below. 

7)  With the circles you can make also some tiny spiderwebs, flood the cookie with white icing, let it dry, and when it is completely dry, using an edible marker you can draw the spider web and the spider. 

8)  You can also make some eyeballs using the circle cookie and the edible markers. 

9)  If you love candy dots as I do, this cookie will be your favorite. Flood the rectangle cookie with white icing and let it dry.  When dry using a toothpick make some circles of different colors as it shown in the picture bellow.