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When I was in High School I felt in love with chemistry

and the periodic table of elements was one of my favorite things, I was fascinated with it, and always wondering how awesome was that everything was made out of the perfect combination of elements.

I think love and chemistry are so related and as you may know if there is chemistry between two persons everything will go smoothly...

I love to make out words and write messages using symbols, so I made these cookies inspired on my chemistry classes.

These cookies are super easy to do and if you are a beginner these cookies are just for you. 


*  Foolproof cookie recipe, click HERE
*  1 in square cookie cutter
*  Medium firm black royal icing
*  Flooding royal icing
*  Assorted Americolor food colors
*  Edible markers
*  Piping bag set with decorating tip #1.5


1.-  Cut out several square cookies and bake them at 350°F for 10 minutes  ( remember that smaller cookies will bake faster, so don't forget to look in the oven ) Let them cool. 

2.-  I looked online for a periodic table, and choose  this one.

  I love how colorful it is!!  Then I started looking for the symbols that I want for my messages and tinted flooding icing in fuchsia, light pink, red, gold, yellow, electric green, green, light blue, darker blue and purple.

Then I filled out my piping bag with the black icing and set it aside in a sealed container.

3.- Flood the square cookies and let them dry completely. 

4.-  Outline the border of the cookie with black icing and let it dry.  Using a black marker write down the symbol, the name and the atomic number. 

What lovely phrases can you made up with these symbols?

Let them dry.

 I love them and I hope you love them too!!!

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  1. Wow, this is a labour of love! What a unique idea for a set of cookies, great job. Wishing you and your husband the happiest of anniversaries! All the best for many more years together :)


Thank you very much for your comment!