DIY Gingerbread cookie banner

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I can't believe that Christmas is just few days away!!

I wish my days can be longer so I can have time to make a post everyday, I have so much cookies I want to share with you, but not enough time.

So less talk and more action... I am in love with the edible lace, and very surprise on how easy is to work with it.  I am sharing with you how I make a gingerbread cookie banner, I know it sounds a little bit complicated but it is really easy to do, if you can't but the banner, you can make a hole in the top of the cookies and put a string and you can make your own banner or use them as ornaments.

You will need:

*  Gingerbread cookies with a twist recipe, click here
*  Gingerbread boy cookie cutter
* Heart cookie cutter
*  Little house cookie cutter
*  Cloves
*  Maraschino cherries
*  Lace ( like you are not going to eat these cookies, you can use any kind of lace, it does not need to be edible ; ) 
*  Wood stick
* CK Artisan clear scripting gel ( AWESOME!!)
*  Banner set (I bought mine at target)
*  Silicon


1)  Make your cookie dough following the instructions here.

2)  Cut out your cookies and transfer them to the baking sheet and using the wood stick make a hole on the top of the cookies, paying attention that the stick goes all the way through the cookie. 

3.-  Cut little pieces of cherries and use them as cheeks and the cloves as eyes.

4.-  Bake the cookies at 350 F for 10-13 minutes, and let them cool.

5.-  Using the artisan gel as a glue, put the lace on the top of the cookies and let it dry.  

You can cut the edible lace as a regular lace, and make any designs you want. 

6.-  I use a silicon gun to glue the cookie to the banner and let it dry. 

I hung it in the dinning room wall, I love how it looks!!

I hope you are enjoying this days with your family and friends, I will post some more Christmas cookies very soon!!

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  1. I love this banner and your mirror is beautiful!

    1. Thanks Paula, it took me a little while to put it all together, the mirror is an old window, I found it in an antique shop.

  2. I love this! It's so beautiful and unique. The way you have displayed it is so pretty!


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