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Ballerina Silhouette Cookie

The Nutcracker ballet has become a tradition in our family because my daughter has been dancing and participating in several Nutcracker since she was a very little girl and it became an important part in the launching of my business.

My first big order was for a Nutcracker tea party, when I made the cookies I was so excited and thought they were so pretty, and lately when I saw the pictures...they didn't look so pretty... I think my work was improve over the years.

Here are some pictures:

These cookies were from the Nutcracker at 2004

These cookies were from 2009

I made this Nutcracker last year. 

I still have older pictures but I need to look for them. 

Every year we have to look out for some "Merde" gifts.  If yuo are a ballet mom, you may know what I am talking about, and If you know French, you may thing why a "Merde" gift, like Merde, means something not so nice. LOL

If you would like to know more about why they use the term "Merde" in ballet, click HERE.

As you may know I love Silhouettes  and for this cookies I made a very simple but elegant ballerina Silhouette cookie.

There are two ways that you can make this cookies, you can make the silhouette transfer or you can make the silhouette on the cookie. 

For this cookie you will need:

*  Favorite cookie dough
*  4.5 in Circle cookie cutter
*  Silhouette template, I bought this on Etsy, Click HERE
*  Royal Icing 
*  Americolor in Bakers pink, copper and black
*  Pastry bag, coupler and decorating tip #2
*  Black edible marker
*  Water


1.-  Cut out you cookie, bake it and let it cool. 

2.-  Prepare some flooding icing and tint some in ballerina pink* and some in black.

* Ballerina pink you put a little bit of bakers pink and a little touch of copper. 

3.- Flood you cookie in ballerina pink and let it dry for 6-8 hours. 

4.-  Prepare some medium firm royal icing and tint in black and fill up a pastry bag and attach a decorating tip #2.  When your cookie is completely dry, using your template and your marker trace the silhouette over the cookie. 

5.-  Flood the silhouette using black icing and let it dry. 

I love the vintage look of this cookie, it remind me a Cameo, you can place it in a beautiful box and for sure all the ballerinas will like it. 

For  more " Merde "gifts ideas click  HERE

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  1. Enjoyed reading about the use of merde at ballet performances. I hadn't heard of that before. Your silhouette cookies are lovely and I like all of your nutcracker cookies you've done over the years.

    1. It is a fun story to read, when we find out we were laughing all night!!! This is a very easy technique and you can do a lot of styles.

  2. These absolutely gorgeous! I love how bold they are and yes vintage :)

    1. I am glad you liked it!!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!!

  3. Maria, your cookies are beautiful! Thank you so much for including a link to my Etsy shop in your post. Although I'm no longer selling die cuts, I'm always happy to accommodate special requests. Thank you again!

  4. You are welcome Judy!! I Love this die cut and I love how the cookie looks!!


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