Cupcake cookies

Few years ago when I started with my Etsy shop, I made these cute cupcakes cookies, they are very easy to make and look very cute. 

You will need:

*  Cupcake cookie cutter
*  Royal icing: Firm, medium and  flood consistency
*  Americolor in the following colors: Fuchsia, yellow, electric green and white
*  Sprinkles
*  Orange and red edible markers
*  Pastry bag, coupler and decorating tips, # 1, 2 and 26


1)  Cute and Bake your cookies following the instructions  in the foolproof recipe tutorial.

2) Let your cookie cool down. 

3)  Prepare White firm royal icing in a pastry bag with
 tip #26.

4)  Prepare  medium consistency royal icing and tint it in fuchsia and fill up a pastry bag with tip # 2.

5)  Prepare  fuchsia and yellow  flooding royal icing and set a side.

6)  Outline the border on the base of the cupcake with the fuchsia icing and tip #2 and flood the cookie and let it dry for 4 hrs or so.

7)  With the white icing make the icing of the cupcake and pour out the sprinkles.

8)  Outline the candle and fill it up with yellow icing, using a toothpick put some white icing to make some lines on the candle and let it dry. 

9)  Put some white lines in the bottom part of the cookie, and using a red and orange marker color the flame of the candle.

I am pretty sure that when you make these cute cupcakes you will fell in love and you will like to make  all kind of color combinations, they are awesome!!!

Sorry, I couldn't resisted to take a bite!!
Have fun trying these cookies!!

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