Flank Steak Salad Tostadas, better known as SALPICON TOSTADAS

Today is 5 de Mayo, and for some reason here in the United States people like to celebrate this day with a big party.  Growing up in Mexico, I remember making research papers about this important date in Mexican history, maybe an assembly in school, but I do not remember making a "big party" to celebrate 5 de Mayo. 

Our Independence's day is September 16, and for this day we celebrate a lot!! With good food, drinks, music, fireworks and all the trimmings!!! 

5 de Mayo is the date that Mexico won a battle over France because the French were trying to dominate our country, that was not the only problem Mexico and France had, before winning the battle of 5 de Mayo, there was the "Cake War", a battle that it suppose started because some people that work for the President Santa Ana, went to a French restaurant and ate some cakes and leave the restaurant without paying the bill, this sounds not enough for me to  start a battle, but who knows what other interests or causes were the reasons to started this. 

O.K. less talk and more action, the next recipe is one of my favorite dishes and is has the colors of the Mexican flag and it remind me my country a lot, it is delicious!!! I hope you enjoy it as me and my family do.


Corn tostadas
Sour Cream


*  1 lb flank steak
*  1 white onion cut in quarter
*  1 tbs fine sea salt
*  2-3 cloves
*  2-3 corn peppers
*  1 bay leaf


*  3 tbs distilled white vinegar
*  6 key limes (juice)
*  1 tbs dried Mexican Oregano
*  1 1/2 tsp sea salt
*  1/2 tsp ground black pepper
*  1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil


*  2 Large tomatoes 
*  1 small  onion
*  1 bunch of  chopped cilantro
*  2-3 Serrano peppers


1) Cook the beef in a slow cooker overnight with all the ingredients for the beef. 

2) When the meat is soft, let it cool; an pulled it apart.

3)  Cut the tomatoes and the onion in julienne.

4)  Mix all the ingredients for the vinaigrette and set it aside.

5) Assembly putting the pulled beef, the vinaigrette and the pico de gallo; tossed them and season with salt.

You can enjoy this delicious salpicon with tostadas, chips or you can stuffed avocados or tomatoes...yummmm!!!!

If you celebrate 5 de Mayo, this dish  and a cold beer will be perfect!

My mouth is watering I better go and prepare some "Salpicon"!

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  1. Now this looks very enticing! We don't celebrate Cinco de Mayo here in Canada but we do love to celebrate, especially over good food like this :)


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