Edible Mineralized Blush... ohhh yes!!!

I am the kind of girl that can't leave the house without make up...   if I don't put some, I feel not put together. 

For this season I am predicting that orange tones will be the trend, jajajaja, well not sure about that, but I love orange tones!! So I make this little collection in that color, but you can make them in the color of your choice. 

These cookies will be perfect for those little or not so little girls that always steal you make up, and also can be a great gift for your BFF. 

You will need:

*  Foolproof Cookie Recipe
*  3 in and 2 in circle cookie cutter
*  Royal Icing, medium consistency for outline the border and fluid consistency. Click here
*  Americolor in fuchsia,  peach, gold and black
*  Squeeze bottles with coupler and tip #2 and #3
*  Toothpicks


1) Roll out your dough and cut out a 3 in circle, then mark barely the 2 in circle over it, this will help you to guide you and make the inner circle. 

2)  Prepare flooding royal icing and tint it in:  Black,  Coral (one drop of fuchsia and one drop of peach) and gold, and  pour each color in a squeeze bottle with tip #3. 

3)  Prepare medium consistency black royal icing and put it in a squeeze bottle with tip #2 to outline the outside border  of the cookie and the inner circle, and flood it with black  flooding icing.  Let it dry for a little bit. 

4) Flood the inside of the cookie with the mix of fuchsia and peach, and using a skewer stick mark some dots and mix it in a zig zag motion with the stick, and repeat.  Let it dry. 

You can see here a step by step tutorial on how to make dots using sticks. Click HERE 

5)  When it is completely dry, give a little shine smear some luster powder on the top. 

You have your 100% EDIBLE mineralize blush

I love this cookie, you can make your eyeshadows, nail polish and lipstick too!!

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  1. Though I rarely wear *full makeup* (eye, mascara, blush, etc.) I always have lipstick on. Feel totally naked without it. This mineralized blush is so cute and your entire makeup collection is adorable.

    1. I really understand how you feel naked without lipstick, I feel the same way without eyeliner and mascara, I can go the whole day without lipstick!!!

  2. This set is so adorable and fun!

    1. Thank Sue!!!!! I think they are FUN too!!!! So glad you liked them!!!!


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