How to make speckled Easter eggs cookies

You know that I like to make merengues and the other day that I was making some for Valentine's day, I was thinking that the ingredients are about the same as a Royal Icing, so I try to make an experiment. 

I made some cookies, decorated them and baked them at the same time.  Does this make sense??  

I can explain it better…

I cut out egg shape cookies, then I put the icing over it an bake it, and it turn out a really really awesome cookie!!

The cookies look so shinny, they look like real egg shells and they taste really good as well. 

I am sharing you how I made these cookies. 


*  Favorite cookie dough
*  Egg cookie cutter
*  Pastry bag with decorating tip # 1
*  Royal icing  medium and flooding consistency
*  Americolor Gel food coloring in sky blue and chocolate brown
*  Dusting powder in Aztec Gold
*  Brush
*  Water


Pre-heat  oven at 350º F

1)  Prepare your flooding blue royal icing, for this color you will need a tiny amount of food coloring, cover it and set a side.

2)  Cut out your  egg  shaped cookies and put them on the baking sheet.

3)  With the pastry bag and tip # 1 outline the border of the egg and flood it with the blue icing.

4)  Bake the cookies at 350º F, for 10-13 min until the icing look shinny and firm and the edges of the cookies look golden brown. 

5)  Transfer the cookies to a cooling rack.

6)  In a little bowl put a drop of water and a small drop of chocolate brown gel color, mix it, add some gold dust, and mix again.   Make a test first on a paper towel  to see how you little stains will come out. 
Dip the brush on the mix and with one finger sweep the top of the brush and if you like the size of the stains you can go ahead and make them over your cookies, if they are too big, just dry the brush a little bit after you dipped on the brown water. 

Voila!!! You have your cookies ready in one day!! 

I think these cookies will look lovely next Easter  as your table center  piece, don't you think? 

I love to decorate cookies, but the drying time is always something that I don't enjoy that much. 

I hope you try this technique and make wonderful creations!!

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  1. This is such a neat way to make decorated Easter egg cookies! Love how you took pictures of them in little nests!

  2. Oh wow! Baked with royal icing! Interesting!!! Love your eggs!

    1. ....many years later....Thank you very much for your comment, it is incredible how times goes by so fast, I never took the time to replied to my comments, never is too late!! Glad you liked them!

  3. Very cool idea! I never would have thought to bake the icing and cookies together. Lovely!

    1. The cookies taste really good and the icing look really shiny and smooth.
      Thanks for visiting!!


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