When pigs fly...flying pig cookie

Maybe we will never see a flying pig
any day in our lives, but for a cookie decorator
everything is possible!!

When I found this adorable cookie cutter I had to buy it!!

And for Valentine's day I came up with the idea of a Flying Pig Cupid

I am sharing with you how I created this cookie. 

1)  Some cookie cutters are more complicated than others, and this is a complicated one, for this kind, you just have to have a little plate with flour, and dip your cookie cutter in it, and then cut the cookie dough

2)  You will need firm Royal Icing, and fill up a pastry bag with a tip #0 to make the wings. First make a line to make the center of the feather and with a zig-zag motion start making little lines to form the feathers. 

This is how it has to look, almost looks like feathers doesn't it ??

3)  Prepare flooding royal icing and tint it with wilton copper gel color, and flood the body of the pig and let it dry. 

You may like the cookie just like this, just use edible markers in brown and flesh color to make some accents on the body and face. 

4)  When the body is completely dry, with the pastry bag and tip #2, outline the pantie and flood with white royal icing and let it dry. 

5)  Change the tip of the pastry bag to a #1 and make the ruffles of the pantie and with a red edible marker draw little hearts on it. 

6)  Using brown and flesh edible markers, make the eyes, the feet, and some other lines you may want to accent. 


Once in a while take a look at the sky and you might see some pigs fly!!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial as much as I did when making this cute cookie. 

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  1. This is the cutest flying pig. The way you did the wings...love and those adorable little panties :) Your hot air balloon is great too.

    1. Thanks Paula!!! Now I want to do Feathers everywhere!! I am so happy you liked them!!

  2. Oh!!! That flying pig is PRECIOUS!!! I love how you did the detail work on the body with food coloring pen...it looks so delicate. Just beautiful, Lupita!

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