Melting Snowman Tutorial

Here is another idea for a snowman cookie! 

I found the loveliest and  most creative idea at World Market the other day, and I think it is a very cute idea to make these cookies with the kids, I think they will have fun and enjoy a delicious and sweet treat!!

If you are not an expert cookie decorator don't worry!! I promise, these cookies anybody can put together. 

You will need:

*   Any available round cookie (preferably 3.5in) 
Here is a very good recipe: Vanilla Cookies
*  Royal Icing medium-fluid consistency
*  Marshmallows
*  Pretzels
*  Mini chocolate chips or peppercorn (Don't forget to advise the kids that is pepper!) 
*  Orange tic-tacs
*  Dot candies or mini m&m's
* Sweet & Sour strings
*  Scissors


1)  Prepare your icing to the right consistency, it has to be fluid, but not so watery,the kind of consistency of sour cream. 

2)  Cover the cookie with the icing and then cover the marshmallow with the icing too. 

3)  Place the marshmallow over the cookie as in the picture.

4)  Cut some pieces of the pretzel to use as arms.

5) Decorate the cookie with the dots as buttons, the tic-tac as nose, and cut the sweet&sour strings length wise to make the scarf, I LOVE the scarf!!! It looks like I spent a lot of time knitting it right??

That is all you have to do!! I hope you are enjoying this time with your loved ones!!!!!! ;D 

A special welcome to Ana Chavez, she will be helping me as my Editor in my english posts!! 

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  1. Hola SeƱora Lupita! I have been reading your blog for a while to improve my Spanish AND learn how to make beautiful cookies. Thank you so much for showing your cookies to the world!

    1. Hi Elizabeth!!!
      I am so happy that my work is helping you improve your Spanish and that you find helpful my blog to learn how to decorate cookies...I am so happy for this and this give me a reason to continue sharing my experiences in the kitchen !!! šŸ’–

  2. Que Bonitas, Creativas y Deliciosaa Galletas!!! I love them!!!


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