Minions Dress up time!!!

( This is my monthly english post, please forgive my grammar, spelling and all that, I'll try my best!!
I hope you can learn with me to dress up those cute little minions).

I am still having a "DESPICABLE ME"  moment…
You know how  funny it is sometimes when people love a movie and you don't and you are thinking really??...what is wrong with me?? I like it, but I didn't, LOVE IT.

Well I just think that is the state of mind you are in the moment that you watch the movie…don't you think??

I LOVE DESPICABLE ME 2!!…but don't tell my daughter and my husband that I did not LOVE, the first part, because they LOVED it!!! Any how…I am listening the  soundtrack of the movie, and it  is very  very good and is inspiring me to write this post.

Since I was a little girl I LOVE Paper dolls and dressing them up, and making little paper dresses and all that.. this time I will be dressing up some minions, I hope you liked them!!!

You need to star with a basic minion cookie, you can see all the instructions here  MINION COOKIE .  The eyes will be as the basic minion, do not pipe the arms, legs and the overall, it will change a little bit in each minion. 


* Disposable pastry bags
* couplers a decorating tips # 1, 2 and 104
* Firm  white royal icing 
* White  and black Soft royal icing using  Americolor Bright White gel color and Chefmaster True Black
* White Flooding  royal icing
* Black Flooding  royal icing
* Edible Markers
* Toothpicks


 1. When your basic minion is completely dry, with soft royal icing in a pastry bag with tip # 2 pipe the border  of the dress, let it dry for few minutes, then flood it with black Icing and let it dry from 6-8 hrs.

2. With soft white royal icing pipe the border of the little apron, let it dry for few minutes and then flood it with  white fluid royal icing and let it dry. 

3. With firm white royal icing and tip # 1,  make the little ruffle on the edge of the apron and the little bow tie. 

4. Using tip #104 in a zig zag motion make the headpiece, 
( I forgot how you said that in English ).

5. Pipe the border of the arms with white soft icing using tip#2,  thin some yellow icing  and flood them with  yellow icing, use a toothpick to guide the icing to the borders and tap the cookie on the palm of your hands and pop any bubbles using the toothpick. 

6. With white soft royal icing using tip # 2  outline the border of the legs.
Thin some of the white icing and flood the legs and pop any bubbles as in step #5. 

7. With black soft royal icing  with tip # 1, make the straps of the glasses, the strap of the headpiece,  the hands and the shoes; with a black marker draw the mouth, and let it dry. 


This is a very easy minion, start with a basic minion, for this minion the eyes and legs will be as the basic minion as well and let it dry.


White soft royal icing
White flooding royal Icing
* Disposable pastry bags
* Coupler and tips #1,2, 4
* Green edible Markers
* white non pareils


1.  When your basic minion is completely dry,  with soft royal Icing and tip #2 outline the border of the little vest and the hat and flood it with white  flooding royal icing, with the same pastry bag and white soft icing using tip #1 make a little zig-zag border on the edge of the hat and let it dry for 6 to 8 hrs. 

2.- When is dry with a green marker form the little rhombus to simulate the knitting of the vest and the the hat, and using white soft royal icing and tip # 4, pipe a little circle on the top of the hat to make a pompom and put some white nonpareils. 

3. Outline the border of the arms with white soft royal icing and tip #2 and flood them with yellow flooding icing and let dry. 

4. For the arms follow step # 5 ,for the maid minion. 


* Firm royal icing in Electric orange
White soft royal icing
* Flooding royal icing tinted in  White red and blue**
* Pastry disposable bags
* Couple and tips #2, Ateco # 42
* Black Marker
* Toothpicks
** To prepare this blue, I used a little bit of Navy blue and a little bit of sky blue


1. Start with your basic minion and do just one eye on his face,  using soft royal icing and tip # 2, outline the border of pants and the scarf,   using blue flooding icing fill up  the pants  and flood the scarf with white flooding icing. 

2. Prepare red flooding royal icing, cover it and set a side.

3. Fill up the scarf with white flooding icing and with a toothpick make little polka dots over the white icing and  let it dry. I use the  same technique as in this cookies

4. With firm orange royal icing, and tip # 42, make the hair, like this tip make two lines of icing, squeeze and make two lines, and then place the tip in between the lines you piped to fill up the spaces and try to form like a pony tail with a bun and let it dry.

5. For her arms follow step #5 as I did for the maid cookie. 

You can have a lot of fun dressing up the MINIONS!!!, here are some other options you can make…have fun!!!

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  1. Oh my gosh, Your minions make me laugh...TOO CUTE!

  2. I love when my cookies make people happy!! Thank you Sue your comment make me very happy Too!!!

  3. THE MINIONS ARE AWEESOOOOOMMMEEE!!!!!!!!!!! glad to have you in the despicable me family !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. These are SO incredibly cute!!! My kiddies are going to LOVE them. :)


  6. Lupita, we are also a Despicable ME family, but I can't decided which of the two movies is my favorite...hmmmm okay, I made up my mind--Despicable Me 2 is my favorite, lol!!! Thank you for the cookie tutorial I love it! Soon I'll me making litle minions :D

    1. Rosalinda, please share with me pictures of your minions when you make them!!!

    2. Sure Lupita, I'll make sure to share pics when I make them. The minions were my favorite in the movie! :)

  7. Oh these are just the I say that on every post?!? ;)

    I can't decide which one I like the best. The French maid? The golfer? They're all SO CUTE!

    PS: I LOVED, LOVED the first DM, and liked the second. I guess I'm with M & A! Are we still friends? ;)

  8. Oh gosh..and the hula minion!!! Maybe he's my favorite. I just keep going back and looking some more!

    1. ehhhh….YES!!!! off course!!!! I think that if you like Michael Buble, I do not mind that you liked the first one better, that balances all, JK, jajajajja, I am so happy you liked the minions!!! Love You!!!!


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