Mother Ginger Cookie

One of my favorite parts of The Nutcracker Ballet is the Mother ginger dance.  I love the tiny little dancers coming out from her skirt.  I really admire the dedication these little kids put into their dances and to be able to perform in such an early age. 

The costumes of this ginger cookies  has been my favorites. (This is how they call to the little dancers)

I will share with you how to decorate a cute Mother Ginger cookie.

This cookie cutter I bought it  a long time ago and 
 is my favorite, I have a lot of fun with it!!

The cookie on the left is one of the first Mother Gingers I made a while ago and the one go the right is one inspire in the J. Peterman catalogue.

When you have cookies like this one, sometimes is a little overwhelming and you do not know where to start.  You have to take your time and "Let the cookie talk to you" and then start designing, you can make your design first on paper, it is always very helpful.

Here is a video for you 

I this collage you can see that I add mini sprinkles and metallic pearls to add character to the cookie.

In this version of Mother Ginger, I play a lot with firm Royal Icing and different decorating tips to make the ruffles, flowers, bows and the curly hair.   

I can't wait to see this year show and get inspire!!

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